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Wood carving projects are quite an interesting job that requires a creative approach. However, for success, you need to use the right kiln-dried wood. You can read more details about the best wood for carving in this article.

best wood for carving

The best wood for carving

There are several best wood for carving that make the job much easier. If you wonder what type of wood is best for carving, check out these options.

Is linden the best wood for carving?

This tree option is the best if manual work is expected. The wood has a soft texture and a Janke hardness rating of 410 lbs. At the same time, it absorbs well into stains, and it can be used to change the shade of the thread.

A significant advantage is that the linden has a flat surface.

Is cherry the best wood for carving?

This type of wood is appropriate if power carving is planned. It is easy to work with, even with the help of special electric power tools. If you are looking for more durable wood, look no further than American Cherry.

The central part is distinguished by a light pink tint. Often there are sections, the core of which is burgundy. The sapwood is creamy and straight-grained.

The minus of cherries is only in high hardness. Therefore, standard tools are inappropriate for work. However, with the help of electric tools, you can create a real masterpiece.

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Is butternut the best wood for carving?

This wood type is easy to process, so it looks a bit like linden. It is distinguished by the presence of a beautiful pattern, as well as an attractive shade. The coarse uniform texture of the wood is rough, and large straight grains are visible. Therefore, the work goes much faster.

In the center of the wood is a crisp light-brown shade that is liked by almost all carvers.

This is the easiest wood to cut, and you can form any pattern.

Is pine the best wood for carving?

Many people ask, is pine good for carving? Yes, pine is the best wood for carving because it has the softest texture. The initial shade of the tree is yellow or pink. After, it becomes darker and acquires a red-brown undertone.

In the process of work, pine is almost identical to linden. After all, it also has a soft texture and is suitable for working with hand tools. The minus is a little stubborn grain.

Therefore, you need to work carefully to avoid splitting the tree, or the formation of chips.

Despite this disadvantage, pine is durable. The most attractive is the white pine. It is the best-suited carving wood. There is the availability of materials, regardless of the region of your residence.

Is yellow cedar the best wood for carving?

Often, yellow cedar is used if you need to make furniture or a wardrobe. The popularity of the tree is justified by its resistance to adverse environmental factors.

Yellow cedar easily tolerates wet conditions and does not deform with constant contact with the sun’s rays. At the same time, it is not affected by pests because it has a pronounced aroma that repels. This also increases the demand for it.

Сedar has excellent density and straight wood grain. The texture varies from medium to fine. Cedar can be used with both hand tools and power tools for amazing relief carving.

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Is aspen the best wood for carving?

The height of the deciduous tree can be up to 80 pounds. At the same time, the barrel is quite thin and does not exceed 1.5 pounds. Growth rates are maintained throughout the life of the tree. Woodcarvers love to work with aspen as it is quite easy to work with. It has a soft texture and straight fibers.

Thanks to this, the tools pass more easily and do not cling. Aspen does not contain resin, so you do not find knots in the tree. Therefore, there are no difficulties in the work. At the same time, aspen is common and affordable.

Is maple the best wood for carving?

Quite often, furniture assembly workers work with maple wood. This wood is ideal for making furniture and building materials. At the same time, maple is the best wood for carving.

This is because maple has a fine texture and straight grain. This allows you to create a beautiful carving, regardless of the complexity of the straight-grain patterns. However, for better work, reliable processing is required. Maple is also resistant to moisture, sunlight, parasites, and other negative factors.

Is beech the best wood for carving?

This type would not be the best wood for carving tools. However, it is quite quickly and easily processed with electric tools. You can make elegant products from beech. Wood is inexpensive and durable. It bends easily and is well suited for shaping legs on furniture.

Beech is resistant to cracking, so it can be formed into turned products and goblets. Beech is odorless, so it can be suitable for making dishes and cutting boards.

The downside of the tree is that, due to the increased hardness, chip carving can form during work. If you use CNC tools powered by electricity for work, there are no problems.

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Is horse chestnut the best wood for carving?

If you plan to carve wood bowls, it makes sense to pay attention to the horse chestnut. It is light in weight, however, with increased hardness. Horse chestnut is on the list of the highest-quality hardwoods in the United States. However, it is quite difficult to work with this sturdy wood.

The texture of the wood is very plastic, so you can cut the bowl perfectly. The main thing is not to rush and do everything carefully.

Is white ash the best wood for carving?

Many people ask, what wood is best for beginner carving? It is believed that the best wood for carving would be American white ash. This is the best wood for carving for beginners and is suitable for an individual wood carving project.

White ash has a high-quality texture that is the easiest wood to work with.

The pattern on the tree is rough, with straight grains.

The central part is distinguished by excellent decorative qualities and has a brown tint. The sapwood is characterized by an attractive white shade. The combination of tones is amazing.

Is black walnut the best wood for carving?

If you are planning to create luxurious carving projects, pay attention to black walnut. It has an attractive appearance and durability. It has a natural dark brown shade, with which you can get luxury carving. The drawing has a wave format, so the wood seems deeper, with a glossy sheen.

The black walnut is highly durable. It is resistant to deformation, even if the room is hot or humidity levels increase. Black walnut products last for many years. The only downside is the high cost.

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Which is the best wood for carving: softwood or hardwood?

Quite often, you can hear the question, is hardwood or softwood better for carving? Both types of wood are often used for carving. However, each of them has certain disadvantages.

Wood carving on hardwood

Hardwoods are in particular demand in carving. You can read more about their advantages and disadvantages below.


The main advantages are:

  • high-density indicators;
  • fire resistance;
  • resistance to decay;
  • ease of maintenance.


The shortcomings are:

  • slow growth rates;
  • difficulties in cutting;
  • high price.


Often, soft wood is used for carving, if the product requires it. You can read more about the pros and cons of this good wood type below.


The advantages are:

  • ease of cutting;
  • fast growth rates;
  • availability;
  • resistance to insects.


The minuses are:

  • low density;
  • possibility of fire.
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Wood softening methods

Softer wood is more pliable. There are several methods for doing this. Spraying with a solution that is prepared from water and alcohol is allowed. You can treat it with WD-40.

You can place the tree for a few seconds in cold water or boiling water.

Some carry out the treatment with denatured alcohol.

How to carve for the best results?

First of all, you should choose the right wood type, as well as soften the materials a little. When the main stage of carving begins, several recommendations should be followed, namely:

  • determine the pros and cons of the tree you plan to work with;
  • constantly sharpen hand tools;
  • learn the principle of wood pyrography;
  • prepare enough space for work;
  • don’t panic if you make a mistake, after all, only long years of practice help to avoid it;
  • wear special gloves to protect your hands.
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As you can see, there are many types of wood suitable for machine and hand carving. The choice of type of tree for carving wood depends on what product you plan to produce.

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