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is acrylic paint good for wood: Top Useful Tips 2022 TIPS&TRICKS

Quite often, people think about painting wooden surfaces. During such periods, you need to choose the right acrylic paint colors that will last a long time and provide uniform coverage. Often when you see acrylic paints, the question arises, does acrylic paint work well on wood? You can read more about acrylic paint on wood in this article.

Does acrylic paint work well on wood?

To answer the question, does acrylic paint work well on wood, you should define do I need to seal acrylic paint on wood.

The wood grain has a smooth surface, so it is quite easy to stain. It goes well with oil and water paints.

An ideal wood finish can be achieved by using seal acrylic paint. Given that they are affordable, this is a great solution for finishing work.

However, acrylic paints are quite difficult to use. More details about the intricacies of working with them will be discussed below.

How to choose acrylic paint on wood?

There is a wide range of acrylic paints on the market. However, you should not buy the first available option.

When choosing, you should follow a few tips, namely:

  1. Combination with wood. There should be a special mark that the composition is compatible with the wood. Otherwise, you cannot achieve optimal tenacity.
  2. Choice of finishes. It is important to understand in advance whether a glossy or matte finish is planned. On the market, there are also stone, metal, and satin options.
  3. Correct consistency. If you will be working with a large volume of wood, the acrylic paint should be dense. If the volume of work is small, it will be enough to have an average consistency of acrylic paint.
  4. Hue. Hue should be determined by the bottom of the bottle, not the label. Only in this way can you accurately recognize the tone.

How to prepare wood for work?

Before starting work with acrylic paint, the wood must be prepared. First, the wooden surface must be sealed.

This will prevent the acrylic paint from soaking in, as well as the wood from rotting from the inside. The sealant will also protect the wood from moisture and temperature changes.

In addition, the prepared wood grain will be flat and smooth, which will facilitate the process of applying acrylic paint.

You need to understand the difference between a sealant and a primer. The main purpose of the sealant is to protect the wood.

And the primer is aimed at improving adhesion. Therefore, a sealant is applied first, and after it dries, a primer is.

Wood cleaning

The first stage of preparation is to clean the wooden surface. It is recommended to wipe it with a lint-free cloth.

If the amount of work is large, you can use a vacuum cleaner. It quickly and effectively removes debris and dust from the surface.

Wood sealing

After, you need to cover the future painted wood with sealant.

It is better to work with glossy options because they are moisture-resistant, and will allow you to create reliable protection on wood surfaces.

The drying time of the sealant depends on the size of the part. However, on average, you will have to wait several hours.

Surface grinding

After the sealant dries, the surface will be rough. Therefore, it is necessary to sand the surface a little. Fine-grit sandpaperwith a grain size of 80-120 is ideal for this.

Work gently, without pressing hard on the surface so that it becomes smooth. Instead of fine-grit sandpaper, you can use a sander.

Re-applying sealant

After sanding, you need to clean the surface again with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles.

Coat the cleaned surface with a small amount of seal to precisely protect the surface from moisture and temperature changes.

Primer application

After the sealant has dried, you can start using a primer that provides high-quality adhesion.

Apply primer only to areas that will be painted. Painting can be started only after the primer has dried.

Rules for painting wood surface with acrylic paints

After preparing the wood surface, you can proceed to the main stage of work – painting. You can read more about how to apply acrylic paint to your wood painting project below.

Transfer design

This step is optional if you plan to apply a solid color finish. If you plan to make wood furniture more decorative with patterns, you should transfer all the patterns.

This can be done using a sheet of tracing paper, as well as graphite paper.

Tracing paper should be put on the picture you want to get and circle it with a dark pencil.

After that, you need to attach the front side of the graphite paper to the wood furniture, on top of which pebbles are placed.

The picture should be at the bottom. Trace the drawing again so that it appears on the wood.

Brush selection

It is very important to choose high-quality brushes, so you should not save on tools.

On cheap brushes, the lint will fall out and remain on the paint.

There may also be divorces.

Choose brushes made from natural materials. If this is not possible, select synthetic brushes that do not shed.

It is best to work with soft sponge brushes.

It is important to select the size based on the patterns and the size of the surface.

Paint installation

Acrylic paints are sold in different containers. It can be jars, bottles, or tubes. If you choose formulations in a bottle or tube, you need to pour a little of the product onto a palette or plate.

This allows you to save money. If the acrylic paint is in the can, do not completely dip the sponge brush into it.

Immerse the sponge brush only halfway. If there is excess, remove it to make it easier to work.

Dilute the paint

Acrylic paints dry quickly. Therefore, if you initially squeeze too much paint onto the palette, it will dry out.

You need to work with a damp brush so that the coating is uniform. Place a container of water next to you, and after every 2-3 strokes, moisten the brush. Excess water is easily removed with a paper towel.

Fixing the paint

If you used acrylic paint that contains a sealant, you can skip this step.

If not, cover the dried paint with a sealer or a clear acrylic-based spray. This prolongs the life of the acrylic paint on wood.

How to paint a wood: ideas

You can apply acrylic paint in different patterns on the wood, the choice of which depends on the occasion, as well as your preferences.

  1. Halloween drawings. Autumn is Halloween time. In all yards, you can see scary toys and pumpkin lanterns. If you wish, you can make wooden pumpkins yourself. The wood is painted in a bright orange hue. Leaves can be cut out of wood and painted in different shades. Hang them at the entrance to the house. This decoration can be used every year.
  2. Decorations for Christmas. You can make wood original decorations for the Christmas tree. You can involve children in coloring products. Believe, such jewelry is appreciated by all family members because they are made by hand. It is impossible not to note their durability, so you can use them every year.
  3. Wooden furniture. If old wooden furniture is worn out, painting with acrylic paints helps bring it back to life. It can be garden furniture or a swing. If all work is carried out correctly, the product serves for a long time.
  4. Toys for kids. Almost all toys today are made of plastic. However, you can make your toys using wood and acrylics. These can be dolls, animals, mobiles over cribs, etc.

Primer options for an acrylic paint job

If you plan to use acrylic paint on wood, it is important to prime the surface.

There are a large number of primers on the market, however, not all of them are of high quality.

Sargent art Levkas

This primer is versatile. It can be used before applying acrylic paint and even oil paint. The product quickly and effectively prepare the surface for painting.

When the product hardens, a durable layer resistant to moisture will form on the surface. Therefore, the wood serves for a long time.

This primer prevents discoloration of the coating. The product has all quality certificates and does not contain toxins.

Therefore, it is a completely safe product that does not harm animals and children.

Combination of primer and sealant DecoArt

This product helps to save time at work. Therefore, you do not have to spend a lot of effort as well as funds.

After all, one can combine primer and sealant. The tool helps to close the pores on the wood while improving the adhesion of the paint to the surface.

After sanding the wood, you can apply several layers of this product. It is inexpensive, so it is the best option for most.

The tool is universal, so it can be used not only for working with wood. They can cover glass, metal, ceramic, and plaster surfaces.

The best acrylic paint for woodworking

Quite often people ask, what is the best paint for wood? Most acrylic paints on the market are easy to use. Even those who do not have drawing experience can work with them. However, each acrylic paint on wood furniture may differ from the other.

When choosing the best acrylic paint, you should focus on drawing skills.

Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Set

Quite often, people wonder what acrylic paint works best on wood. You can stop at Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Sets, which is considered the best on the market in almost all respects.

The paint on wood furniture, after hardening, forms a protective thin layer that is resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

Therefore, the paint wood does not deteriorate, even with prolonged contact with the sun’s rays.

This version of acrylic paint does not turn yellow over time, so you can be sure that the shade lasts for a long time. Even after a few years, the wood surface looks like it was recently coated.

This is a great solution if you prefer satin finishes. After drying, the acrylic paint layer becomes satin and looks very beautiful.

Product Benefits

The main advantages of Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Set include:

  • elasticity during drying, which prevents the formation of cracks;
  • creamy consistency that resists perfectly to the surface. It fits beautifully, even on a very porous wood;
  • however, the paint does not dry out in a jar;
  • a wide range of shades. Therefore, you can choose the best option for yourself.


The only disadvantage of such paints is the high cost. A 2-ounce tube costs $10.

Multicolored Apple Barrel Paint

This is a great solution if you need to paint wood a lot. The acrylic paint has a dense consistency, so it is economically spent. If necessary, you can squeeze the right amount of product onto the surface, and distribute it with a brush.

This acrylic paint is in demand among professional artists. You can work with it, not only on wood but also on paper canvases.

Thanks to the creamy formula, the product glides smoothly over the surface, so you can quickly achieve the desired result.

However, this acrylic paint needs a sealant to be applied to the wood first.

Due to the density, the product can fall into the pores of the wood, which can cause internal decay of the wood. It is important to apply a sealant after staining so that the result lasts longer.

The product quickly hardens. Therefore, the project can be completed in just a few hours.

Product Benefits

The main advantages of Apple Barrel are:

  • the absence of toxic substances in the composition, so it is not necessary to work in a mask;
  • the consistency of the cream, which glides over the surface. Therefore, it does not take much time to stain the wood;
  • watery formula, so in case of spills you can quickly remove them;
  • high drying speed. A beautiful shade is immediately formed.

The tool can have a glossy, matte, or satin finish. The choice depends on your preferences.


The only negative, according to most users, is that the tool can crack. However, this happens when a thick layer is applied.

Paint Delta Creative Ceramcoat

If decorative painting is planned, pay attention to Delta Creative Ceramcoat acrylic paints. It is sold in different shades, so choosing the right color for work is not difficult. The manufacturer made sure that the acrylic paint creates a reliable and decorative layer.

The tool is appropriate for working with paper, wood, plaster, and other hard surfaces. At the same time, the quality of the finish does not suffer.

The consistency of the product resembles a cream, so the coating is of high quality and uniform. The color formula is quite dense, which ensures the preservation of color for a long time.

Benefits of Delta Creative Ceramcoat

The main advantages are:

  • a wide range of shades, so you can find the option that will satisfy all your needs;
  • rich formula that guarantees a high-quality finish, regardless of the complexity of the design;
  • stability of quality, regardless of the surface;
  • creamy formula that retains its brightness for a long time. After covering the surface with a sealant, the shade persists for a long time;
  • possibility of application on porous surfaces.


The only negative is that after drying, the shade may change.

Multicolored acrylic paint FolkArt

If you do not know how to choose acrylic paint on wood, pay attention to the compositions of FolkArt. It is a high-performance, universal paint that can cover any type of coating. The paint has a smooth consistency that resembles a cream and glides over the wood.

This provides excellent coverage. The surface after drying becomes matte or satin, depending on the acrylic paint option.

You can work with it both outside and inside. At the same time, the results will pleasantly surprise you.

This is the best solution if you want the product not to dry too quickly, and you can control every process of work. This acrylic paint on wood is sold in different shades, so you can best option for yourself.

The formula is quite high quality, so it is appropriate for decorative drawings.

If you are looking for a special finish that suits all your needs, take a look at this option. The acrylic paint is sold in different finishes, including chalk paint, neon pigment, glitter, and enamel.

Product Benefits

The main advantages of FolkArt are:

  • a special formula that is ideal for decorative painting;
  • versatility, you can cover any product;
  • the absence of toxins in the composition, so the product is safe for humans and animals.


The main disadvantage is that the product has a too-pronounced smell. It certainly won’t be to everyone’s taste.

Crafts 4 All paint set

A universal option for work is the Crafts 4 All-paint set. It can be used to work with different surfaces. However, the tool works best with wood. However, be prepared for the high cost.

The consistency of the acrylic paint on wood is like oil. Therefore, the composition is easily fixed on the surface and provides an excellent texture.

If necessary, you can mix different tones to get the desired shade. All shades are highly effective, so they guarantee a clear and bright tone.

The kit includes several brushes that are completely free for you. Therefore, you do not have to spend extra money on the purchase of brushes.

Paint Benefits

The main advantages of acrylic paint on wood are:

  • the ability to work with a special gun, so you can avoid back pain after brush painting;
  • the possibility of repeated application;
  • saving time and money.


The minus is the high drying rate. This can significantly complicate the work process.

How well does acrylic paint stick to wood?

Wood is an excellent material that can be combined with acrylic paints. Once the acrylic paint hardens on the surface, it lasts a long time. However, you first need to cover the surface with a sealant and a wood primer. This keeps the hue changing over time.


As you can see, acrylic paint is the best option for covering wood. However, it is important to choose the right composition so that the coating is durable. Do not forget about the phased work. Thus, you can give freshness and modernity to your products.

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